Order Management

Global 24x7 FX Order Management

Broadridge FXL’s OMS module provides real-time order blotters to manage FX order activity and associated data. Supporting global 24x7 order management, our solution provides the ability to pass a global order book between order locations (Asia to North America) eliminating the need to stop for end-of-day processing.

Our OMS module can be configured as a stand-alone solution or integrated with Broadridge FXL’s position management and back-office solutions.

Solution Highlights:

  • Global 24x7 order management
  • Real-time order blotters
  • Global order book passing
  • Multiple order locations
  • Workflow-based processing
  • Unattended end-of-day processing
  • Flexible and configurable data views
  • Multi-entity and multi-organization
  • Rapid integration into existing technical environments
  • Integration with pricing and execution venues

Functional Highlights:

  • FX market orders for Spot, Forward, Swap and NDF trade types and FX Option orders
  • Limit order types including Limit Entry, Stop Entry, Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Call Entry FX Spot and Forward
  • Benchmarking and loops, block orders with pre-allocation functionality, auto expiration of orders, the ability to submit/request orders from one location to another and the ability for traders to own orders
  • Manually fill orders individually or multi-fill orders with similar trade attributes such as Currency Pair or Value Date
  • Configure order dashboard parameters to control orders that are eligible for auto-pricing and/or auto back-to-back based on client trade type (Spot, Forward and Swap), Currency Pair, Tenor Tier and Amount Tier
  • Individual and linked order entry (OAO – One Activates Other, OCO – One Cancels Other)
  • Multiple order expiration options (Good Till Cancel, Specific Date / Time, Location Close)
  • Configuration allows for multiple order locations with the ability to define the active location
  • Integration with pricing and execution engines for auto-pricing and/or auto back-to-back processing
  • Multiple views of limit order trades used to monitor orders closest to market available for execution
  • Highly customizable data views, screen layouts, workflows and reports empower users and organizations
  • Configurable transaction lifecycle workflows empower organizations to enforce business processes
  • Unattended end-of-day processing and global scalability enables 24×7 operations
  • Connectivity and transformation from messaging formats including, but not limited to, FIX, MQ, files, database, SOAP and web services
  • Security and authentication features enable organizations to effectively manage  security requirements
  • Robust auditability and transaction history tracking facilitates research and reporting
  • Deployed in an ASP, managed service or client-hosted model
  • Built in C# on Window’s .NET framework supporting MS SQL Server

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