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Integrated Front-to-Back Solutions for FX, Futures, Options and Money Markets

Broadridge FXL accommodates the needs of Banks, Broker-Dealers, FCMs and Payments Firms who manage multiple currencies, interest rate positions and futures. With Broadridge FXL, firms can manage all asset classes across the enterprise as a whole or at the portfolio or individual trade level. Our robust adapters enable seamless, real-time aggregation of global currency positions across multiple systems and trading venues—providing better insights, execution and straight-through processing.

Solution Highlights:

  • Global 24x7 order management, trading and operations
  • Straight Through Processing (STP)
  • Cross product processing
  • High or low volume transaction support
  • Workflow-based processing
  • Unattended end-of-day processing
  • Flexible and configurable data views
  • Multi-entity and multi-organization
  • Rapid integration into existing technical environments
  • Connectivity through SWIFT messaging
  • Real-time matching for counterparty, customer and broker confirmations

Functional Highlights:

  • Real-time aggregation and management of currency positions, risk and P&L
  • Complete management of exposures by aggregating and validating data globally from multiple source systems
  • Real-time dashboards and exception-driven task blotters
  • Highly customizable data views, screen layouts, and reports empower users to more efficiently manage their business
  • Configurable transaction lifecycle workflows empower organizations to maximize straight-through-processing and enable operational tasks to be managed on an exception basis
  • Gateway supports connectivity and transformation from both standardized and proprietary messaging formats including, but not limited to, FIX, MQ, files, database, SOAP and web services
  • Robust security and authentication features allow organizations to manage security down to the field level
  • Robust auditability and transaction history tracking facilitates research and reporting
  • Client portal, sales management, pricing, trade capture, position management, P&L, what-if analysis, shared reference data, real-time market data, confirmations, settlements, revaluation, netting, matching, allocations, multicurrency accounting, reporting and more
  • Deployed in an ASP, managed service or client-hosted model
  • Built in C# on Window’s .NET framework supporting MS SQL Server

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