Cash Management

Intraday, Real‐time Cash Position Management and Reporting

Broadridge FXL’s Cash Management module empowers cash managers with intra-day real-time aggregation and reporting of balances and cash flows providing global and detailed position views for single- and multi-entity organizations. Our module can be configured as a stand-alone solution or integrated with Broadridge FXL’s position management and back-office solutions.

Solution Highlights:

  • Global 24x7 operations
  • Intraday, real‐time cash position management and reporting
  • Consolidated views of balances and aggregated account data
  • Customizable entry screens, blotters, and workflows
  • Improved risk management practices
  • High volume transaction support
  • Multi‐entity, multi‐organization support
  • Significantly reduce transaction and overdraft fees
  • Workflow‐based processing
  • Unattended end‐of‐day processing
  • Seamless technical integration
  • Enterprise‐wide visibility for borrowing to over short
  • Increased investment opportunities
  • Connectivity through SWIFT messaging
  • Rules-based transaction and position reconciliations across the entire financial trade cycle

Functional Highlights:

  • Intra-day real-time aggregation and reporting of balances and cash flows providing global and detailed position views for single- and multi-entity organizations
  • Cash flows can be imported through real-time feeds from multiple internal and external sources
  • Aggregates future cash flows and generates cash projections across multiple entities, currencies and accounts on a forward basis
  • Cash projections are displayed in configurable blotters and summarized cash information can be “drilled down” into a variety of customized displays
  • Actual balances and cash projections are automatically adjusted by incoming and outgoing SWIFT messages; matching engine supports configurable formats, rules and synonyms for messages
  • Start-of-day balances are reconciled against incoming bank statements and differences are auto-posted
  • Proactive management tools for managing multiple accounts within or across entities; targets and deadlines can be automatically monitored to provide users with alerts when approached
  • Rules-based alerts for cash-pooling, sweeping, investing and borrowing
  • Real-time balance monitoring for bank and internal accounts (Call or DDA); internal accounts are initiated and maintained in the solution or passed from external systems
  • Interest accruals, statements, automated or manual interest movements, interest capitalization, rate adjustments and overdraft processing with separate rate structures are supported for accounts
  • All reporting is SQL-based using Crystal Reports that can be customized and extended by users
  • Gateway supports connectivity and transformation from standardized and proprietary messaging formats including, but not limited to, FIX, MQ, files, database, SOAP and web services
  • Robust security and authentication features allow organizations to manage security down to the field level
  • Highly customizable data views, screen layouts, and reports empower users to more efficiently manage their business
  • Deployed in an ASP, managed service or client-hosted model
  • Built in C# on Window’s .NET framework supporting MS SQL Server

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