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Product Overview – ClearancePro

ClearancePro is an integrated, value added ASP solution which enables complete end-to-end process management. The functionality encompasses customized processing, research, tracking, reporting, error handling and configurable workflow management tools. Capabilities in ClearancePro are organized according to a hierarchy of the target processes and associated user needs. 

Overall, ClearancePro’s comprehensive processing platform comprised of several main components;

  • A comprehensive message processing engine, which supports routing and formatting of messages between impact and an external utility to support the STP process
  • Robust exception management and workflow functionality, that provides alerts, management dashboards, user-defined exceptions/escalation rules and user-defined tasks/work groups
  • Expansive data mining and report creation, including an ability to view raw message data, view field-by-field differences (C&C trades), sort/filter data, customize views, view statistics/statuses, produce user-created reports and pivot charts 

General Product Benefits

  • Reduce operational risk by providing user-defined exceptions, alerts and escalation
  • Improve management of operational tasks and increases competency through comprehensive statistics provision
  • Enable proactive and predictive management through provision of extensive data mining capabilities
  • Improve operational efficiency by allowing customized, providing user defined workflows

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