International Processing through Gloss

Through its Gloss platform, Broadridge is the market-leading provider of advanced STP solutions for international and domestic institutional bank/brokerage operations.

Gloss is market proven and highly scalable, and supports all sizes of operation from new start-up operations to some of the world's most established names in the institutional sector.

Global access is provided to the world's financial markets, with support for a full range of instruments and multi-market operations. New clients, markets, instruments and business initiatives can easily be defined to take full advantage of emerging service opportunities.

The Gloss Solution

Gloss is a real-time, multi-currency, transaction processing engine which automates the trade processing lifecycle from trade capture through to confirmation, clearing agency reporting and settlement.

Coverage for international markets

Gloss supports an extensive range of instruments for international operations:

  • Debt
    • Bonds - government, corporate, FRN, perpetual, index/inflation-linked, convertibles
    • Discounted securities – commercial paper, CDs, bank bills
    • Asset-backed securities
    • Mortgage-backed securities
    • Medium-term notes
    • Structured products
  • Equities
  • ADRs & GDRs
  • Repo & Stock Lending
  • FX & Money Markets
    • FX spot & forward
    • Non-deliverable forwards
    • Cash loans & deposits
  • Derivatives
    • Exchange-traded futures & options
    • FRAs
    • CFDs
    • Interest rate swaps
    • Warrants
    • Transaction management & position keeping for all other instrument types

Extensive Business Support

Complementing its broad market support, Gloss provides business-critical functionality to meet the needs of many types of operations including institutional principal and agency broking and correspondent clearing. The transaction processing lifecycle includes:

  • Trade capture – principal & agency
  • Trade validation & enrichment
  • Trade reporting (e.g. to FSA via TRAX)
  • Confirmations
  • Allocations
  • Netting
  • Generation of settlement instructions
  • Receipt of settlement notifications
  • Positions management - cash & stock
  • Full trade accounting and P & L
  • Custody processing
  • Prime brokerage processing

Workflow & Operational Control

Gloss controls operational risk using Task Explorer, Broadridge's proactive exception handling and workflow management system. Task Explorer pushes processing exceptions to users' desktops for rapid analysis and repair, minimizing operational risk and exposure to processing delays.

Global Market Connectivity

A suite of standard modules provides value-added interfaces to trading systems, exchanges, regulators, clearing centers, custodians and network providers. These modules, known as STP Adapters, increase STP rates by providing real-time connectivity. Transactions are validated prior to transmission to reduce unnecessary fails, and responses are re-routed directly to Gloss.

STP Adapters are available for many services including:

  • Austraclear/Exigo
  • Bank of Japan
  • Bloomberg
  • Crest
  • CDP (Singapore)
  • Euroclear
  • Fidessa
  • India market infrastructure for BSE & NSE markets
  • Omgeo OASYS & CTM
  • SWIFT & SWIFT Accord for Securities
  • TRAX2
  • North American market services – comprehensive direct market connectivity via integrated Broadridge solutions

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