Ascendis® Stock Record & Firm Balancing

Ascendis® Stock Record & Firm Balancing

Ascendis Stock Record & Firm Balancing is the efficient epitome of a fully-automatic “hands-off” approach.

  • Scrutinizes every settlement dated cash and stock transaction on a daily basis
  • Provides accurate balancing on a firm-wide and departmental-specific basis

Exceptional Post-Trade Analysis

Now cash out-of-balance and stock record break exceptions can be swiftly identified thus facilitating prompt resolution. Based on rules you define, and the way you work, Ascendis Stock Record & Firm Balancing will:

  • Automate firm balancing processes for both P&S and non-P&S activity
  • Allow flexible multi-tiered definition of departmental ownership of all activity using various data elements
  • Automatically calculate and determine ownership of all cash and stock breaks, then journal the cash and/or stock to that department’s suspense account
  • Show how a firm’s out-of-balance is spread amongst all departments
  • Allow investigation of cash and stock breaks for intra-day research and resolution
  • Allow the Control Department to monitor close-outs as they occur real-time and either approve or reject the actions taken
  • Monitor aged breaks and escalate for immediate supervisory attention
  • Provide notification to interested parties for information and resolution
  • Provide a full audit trail of all actions taken against cash and stock breaks

Automated Improvements in Performance and Productivity

  • Because Ascendis Stock Record & Firm Balancing automates and streamlines traditionally manual functions, your firm can now handle increased processing volumes without adding to headcount.
  • Productivity increases through the rapid identification and handling of exceptions for departments that might have a high incidence of breaks
  • Processes for identifying and handling exceptions is standardized whether trading volumes are in the thousands or millions
  • Efficiency is enhanced through up-to-the-minute view of all open and resolved breaks at the firm and department levels

Streamline and Reduce

Thanks to Ascendis, the days of manual checking and balancing are over. Through the automated processes that Ascendis makes available your firm can:

  • Minimize the need for reconciliations…Maximize accuracy…Reduce costs
  • Improve management oversight with proactive monitoring of exposure items
  • Reassign tasks to get work done in a more efficient fashion
  • Redirect staff time toward improved customer service

Open and Flexible

Open and flexible application programming interfaces allow for dynamic data updates between Ascendis and other front- and back-office applications, including P&S, settlement, and bookkeeping systems.

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