Ascendis® New Accounts

Ascendis® New Account Opening

Whether retail or institutional account openings, Ascendis® New Account Opening reduces errors, processing time, and redundancy while capturing client assets faster through:

  • Customized data capture tailored to your firm’s business needs
  • Secure, immediate credit and identity verifications
  • Physical or e-distributed customizable materials
  • Ongoing account maintenance ensures up-to-date data
  • Total end-to-end solution from data capture and fulfillment to imaging and archival

One-Time Client-Centric Data Capture

Ascendis New Account Opening puts more efficiency into the new account opening process. Our automated solution provides:

  • Browser-based input and query screens for real-time account creation and status checking
  • Customizable business rules defining required data elements and edits based on the type of account
  • Continuous edit checking occurs during data capture process
  • Document-specific capability  and delivery channel selection allowing fast access to pertinent materials
  • Security model enforces entitlements as per the company’s needs allowing segregation of accounts to be defined by individuals and/or business lines

Rapid Approval Means Quicker Asset Access

Ascendis New Account Opening gets high approval thanks to our:

  • Progressive routing/approval rules disseminate requests to multiple locations
  • Consolidated processing and background checks
  • Monitoring of New Account request status at any time, from any location
  • Comprehensive communication options at every stage of request, including fulfillment
  • Integration with OFAC and pertinent credit agencies
  • Online review and e-signature to speed account validation process
  • Audit trails record all actions and are available for client records

Maximize Marketing Communications

As a part of Ascendis New Account Opening, Broadridge offers marketing consultation, creative design, content management technology and print production to help you establish profitable relationships with new account-holders to improve their experience.

  • Now one package can contain all relevant account information – welcome letter, client profile, agreements and disclosure, additional products and services
  • Conveniently create and maintain all documents and graphics using our online content management system
  • Lower costs, reduce errors and quicker time-to-market
  • Integrate internet and print distribution

Imaging and Archival Saves Space, Time, and Resources

Broadridge also offers imaging and archival services which:

  • Helps firms satisfy requirements of SEC Rules 17a-3, 17a-4
  • Provides dual hosting for business continuity
  • Eliminates paper storage

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