Ascendis® Margins

Ascendis® Margins

Ascendis Margins can manage the vast majority of workflow in your margin and credit administration departments, helping you cut costs and mitigate risk. It automates virtually every credit management activity, helping identify and resolve more than 30 typical margin, cash and other account exceptions, trading violations and asset movement requests.

Broad Flexibility

Ascendis Margins gives you the flexibility to support your own procedures and workflow by defining custom exception lifecycles, escalation parameters, communication options, action rules and notification timelines according to multiple dimensions. Within a single application, you can manage separate margin policies for different branches, customer segments, correspondents or any criteria of your choice.

Automated Processing

Ascendis Margins enables you to:

  • Decision each exception and request using a comprehensive collection of credit administration review, business and action rules including passing real-time journals to customer accounts for liquidating funds, stock, write-offs and fees
  • Automatically file FINRA extensions, with full support for all regulatory changes
  • Support correspondent rollout with a LOA-LOI that includes debit journal functionality and 401b letters for third parties
  • Process foreign currency rollup exceptions, integrated with Broadridge’s BPS FX module
  • Automate combined account processing for exceptions, integrated with BPS MCBI module
  • Manage and calculate fees for filing extensions, sending letters and mailgrams and other service charges by dimension for each exception, including auto journaling of fees
  • Automate decision making on asset transfer (journals) requests from request capture to fulfillment, including multiple approval levels
  • Allow manual creation of exceptions to supplement exceptions created by the back-office books and records
  • Monitor effectiveness with a comprehensive query tool for live and historical data and operational metrics reports

Intelligent Routing

You can automatically route cases based on physical attributes such as branch or account. Ascendis Margin also supports skill-based routing (based on exception types) and escalation-based routing (based on case status), and includes a catchall bucket for unrouted items.

Integration with Third-party Systems

Our open architecture allows you to integrate your margin operations with mailroom vendors and downstream applications to alert field associates or seamlessly send mail notifications.

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