Ascendis® Dividends & Reorg

Ascendis® Dividends & Reorg

Ascendis Dividends and Reorg applications automate manual process for identification, comparison, and decision making for incoming payments from BNY Mellon Corporation and DTCC. Distributions that do not match expected amounts or quantities are flagged as exceptions for investigation and correction. Matched distributions are automatically approved without manual review.

Proactive Exceptions Management

Projected payments from BNY Mellon for asset-backed securities are compared against the expected distributions calculated by the BPS Dividend system. Unmatched items are flagged as an over- or under-payment for the principal and/or interest amount, allowing you to correct items prior to payment date.

Similarly, projected dividend payments from DTCC are compared to the expected distributions calculated by the BPS Dividend system. Unmatched distributions are similarly identified as potential problems prior to payment date allowing for avoidance of payment shortfalls.

Automatic Allocations Processing

Actual allocations for cash and stock from DTCC are automatically processed and compared using both DTCC’s start of day (3) and intraday (16) files, providing an “up-to-the-minute” view of all distributions made on the current day and flagging exceptions for under / over payments or unmatched distributions. You can define threshold tolerances to handle minor mismatches automatically.

Payout messages to the BPS Reorg system are automatically generated for approved items, allowing for expedited processing of updated positions and balances to customer accounts.

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