Ascendis® Account Transfers

Ascendis® Account Transfers

By streamlining the human factor, your department’s cost savings can be dramatically increased. Inter-departmental communication improves, reducing redundancy and mistakes. Insight into operational performance allows for proactive staff management.

Streamline each operation from initiation to completion

  • Ascendis Account Transfer now means a single point of entry for ACATS and Non-ACAT transfer requests
  • Full integration to NSCC’s ACATS system via the multi-batch processing
  • Complete tracking, follow-up and monitoring of delivery and receipt of assets for the self-paced 
  • Non-ACAT transfers
  • Exceptions are immediately identified for fast resolution. By automating the total transfer process,
  • Ascendis Account Transfer allows for an efficient transfer to improve customer service

Improve Compliance and Eliminate Penalty Fees

  • Reduce transfer delays and failures caused by operational errors
  • Expedite transfers and promptly resolve exceptions
  • Establish pre-built rejects for non-validated transfers to eliminate purge status and SRO violations and fees

Automate the total transfer

  • Whether ACATS or Non-ACATS, Ascendis Account Transfer provides unimpeded asset movement through the entire transfer lifecycle.
  • Client defined exceptions are identified for each transfer and routed to an “open” queue for timely resolution. Transfers can be auto-accelerated if no exceptions found
  • Documentation checklist allows confirmation of receipt of all required documents at the very beginning stage of transfer. If any are missing, a separate pending-documentation queue is established.
  • Respond quickly to client inquiries using comprehensive audit trail that details entire lifecycle of the transfer with timestamps and user comments

Review, Monitor, Observe

  • Queue management based on routing rules with customizable view and individual user preferences
  • Monitor any transfer request and easily determine current status and next stage of the transfer lifecycle
  • Query functionality allows for identification of responsible broker and status / stage of each transfer
  • By monitoring each stage of each transfer, managers can now evaluate and re-assign workflow. Ascertain delays. Examine and act upon productivity issues in the delivery or receiver area. Identify problems at the branch level
  • Flexible design allows firms to set up system that best meets their business needs
  • Performance metrics to further analyze your business
  • Comprehensive routing and business tools provides management overview
  • Overall productivity is enhanced and transfers proceed without delay

Integrated to make business better

  • Integrates with Ascendis New Account Opening, Margin, Deliveries and Cash Management solutions
  • Facilitates transfers without involving investor participation beyond normal approvals
  • Open and flexible application programming interfaces allow for integration with a firm’s back office systems,
  • scanning and document tracking solutions
  • Dynamic data updates through every step of the transfer process

Communication. Flexibility. Comprehensive

  • Direct communication with NSCC is maintained through all intra-day cycles
  • ACATS, Non-ACATS and Mutual Funds transfers are supported
  • Reminders and notifications can be applied to open transfers for next day follow-up
  • Comprehensive internal contra-party database
  • Credit administration approval checks
  • Detailed audit trail tracks each step. Personnel involved. Current status

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