Business Process Management

Ascendis® Cash Management

Ascendis Cash Management helps you manage key transaction areas including outgoing and incoming wires, checks and ACH verification.

Ascendis® Dividends & Reorg

Broadridge’s Ascendis Dividends and Reorg applications automate manual process for identification, comparison, and decision making for incoming payments from BNY Mellon Corporation and DTCC.

Ascendis® Margins

Ascendis Margin from Broadridge automates the majority of manual processes and exceptions for your margin and credit administration operations, helping you cut costs and mitigate risk.

Ascendis® New Accounts

Ascendis New Account Opening reduces errors, processing time, and redundancy while capturing client assets faster.

Ascendis® Account Transfers

Broadridge's Ascendis Account Transfer solution offers unimpeded asset transfer through entire transfer lifecycle for ACATS, Non-ACATS & mutual Funds.

Ascendis® Purchase & Sales

Ascendis from Broadridge automates processing and works with virtually any industry standard or proprietary brokerage operations processing solution.

Ascendis® Suite

Ascendis automates identification, life-cycle management, notification and resolution of requests & exceptions across every area of brokerage operations.

Ascendis® Stock Record & Firm Balancing

Ascendis automates and streamlines traditional manual functions, increasing productivity through the rapid identification and handling of exceptions.

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