New Account Processing

New Account Processing

Broadridge’s New Accounts Processing BPO offers you a fully-outsourced solution that manages all people and document-centric business processes for new accounts, helping you improve efficiencies, reduce costs and shorten processing time. It can help you achieve:

  • Significant costs savings by consolidating infrastructure, resources, storage, bandwidth and licensing currently scattered among multiple business units
  • Greater efficiency by improving existing procedures with the our online account opening suite
  • Streamlined information access through a central source that makes it easy to capture, store, search and retrieve documents across the enterprise, and enables linking of documents currently tied to disparate systems
  • Reduced regulatory risk through a centralized governance model designed to more effectively implement processes according to your business rules
  • Easier content management through integrated repositories that smooth data migration and allow easier access to documents

Comprehensive document capture, storage and retrieval

New Accounts Processing solution supports document capture, enabling firms to scan, receive, process and store faxed or emailed documents, allowing fast and easy search and retrieval. It also provides a central repository to manage documents for various business groups within the firm and helps meet all legal and regulatory compliance and retention policies.

Customized Solutions

The solution offers configurable work queues and business process workflows to manage new accounts, handling trailing documents, review and validation, reports and court documents.

Seamless integration

Our service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables seamless collaboration with other applications through “software agents” for document and data exchange

Greater user control

With our New Accounts Processing BPO, managers—rather than developers—can quickly configure and deploy new document types, document attributes, work queues and business process workflows.

Smooth implementation

Once you have deployed Broadridge’s New Accounts Processing solution, you can bring additional products, lines of business or business units online without significant effort or impact on existing system users.

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