FundPOINT® Retirement Data

FundPOINT® Retirement Focus Data

The industry's leading data solution tailored to retirement market needs.

Which is more efficient – relying on 500+ fund companies to collect mutual fund data or retrieving it daily from the SEC’s EDGAR system, the definitive mutual fund document depository? Only Broadridge provides patented process technology to retrieve, parse, associate and deliver timely, accurate "compliance grade" data. That's why financial service leaders choose Broadridge as a single-source solution rather than self-manufacturing data themselves.

Part of FundPOINT® Data – the only data solution to source mutual fund data from SEC filings on EDGAR – FundPOINT Retirement Focus Data includes 166 data points that help offer insight into appropriate fund selection and provide timely information regarding mutual fund compliance to downstream customers including RIAs, TPAs, and Plan Sponsors. Designed for intermediaries who want to improve the quality of disclosure and reporting, FundPOINT Data offers the assurance of fund expense data, sales loads and waivers, redemption fees and service provider fees sourced from – and traceable to – the most recent fund filings in EDGAR.

Revenue sharing opportunities represent another key piece of the information puzzle FundPOINT Retirement Focus Data solves via finder's fees, 12b-1 amounts, and complete coverage of 24,000+ share classes and 8,000 individual funds representing over 500 fund companies. This powerful combination of capabilities and quality are why leaders from the brokerage, retirement and retirement service markets choose to partner with Broadridge as their single-source data solution.

FundPOINT Retirement Focus Data is designed for Retirement Plan Recordkeepers, Trust Banks, and Third-Party Administrators who want to gain a competitive advantage by better serving their downstream customers while lowering costs and improving transaction quality.


FundPOINT Retirement Focus Data provides 166 data points representing all individual U.S. open-end mutual funds and their underlying share classes. It's the most comprehensive and reliable solution available – one that can help retirement service providers capture critical information and insight on fee disclosure, redemption fee waivers (hardship, termination, de minimus distribution, etc.), share class eligibility to validate retirement fund recommendations, and data to identify revenue sharing opportunities.

Data Categories Points
Fund Identifiers & Classification 13
Account Minimums – for initial & subsequent purchases 8
NAV and CDSC Waivers 22
Linking Rules – for retirement accounts 7
Share Class Eligibility – by retirement account types 14
Redemption Fees & Waivers 23
Market Timing Rules – for 22c-2 compliance 27
Fee Information – 12b-1, management fees, service fees 22
Investment Objectives & Strategy 5
Finder's Fees, 12b-1 Amounts & Dealer Concession 4
Key Dates, Offering Dates & Fund Status 5
Fund Announcements – for mergers, closures, liquidations 5
Fund Performance & Comparative Indexes 6
Fund Managers – Tenure & Experience 5


  • Gain a competitive edge with a single-source retirement data solution updated daily from EDGAR
  • Help ensure quality in mutual fund transactions with timely, accurate data
  • Offer better fund filtering and selection, and more rigorous disclosure of fund fees and expenses
  • Optimize revenue sharing opportunities for downstream customers such as finder's fees, 12b-1 amounts, and dealer concessions

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