Digital Transformation

It’s Time for a Digital Transformation

With the Broadridge Communications Cloud 

The communications paradigm is changing for consumers and companies. Consumers want to choose what communications they receive and where they receive them. Companies want to reduce costs while increasing engagement. Both consumers and companies want to control the experience. Now, there is a solution available that aligns the needs of consumers and companies while increasing digital adoption and customer engagement, the Broadridge Communications CloudSM

The Communications Cloud is a first-of-its-kind digital network for essential customer communications, such as bills, statements, regulatory and tax documents.
With 10 channels for consumers to choose from and proprietary algorithms from Broadridge that identify consumer-brand relationships, the result is a “network effect” that promotes the migration from physical to digital communications. The power of this digital network is that brands that are not yet connected to a specific consumer online can now be connected when other brands first create a digital relationship with the same consumer.

Extend your reach, engage your customers, and transform every communication

The Broadridge Communications Cloud extends the reach of brands into channels consumers rely on, enables brands to engage consumers with relevant content, and transforms the entire communication experience.

The Broadridge Communications Cloud engages customers with personalized, dynamic essential customer communications – such as bills and statements – across 10 channels, leveraging the power of a digital network and transforming the customer experience while gaining insights.

Reach: With one connection, companies can reach a range of channels, including doxo, ePost and other digital mailboxes, online banking, apps, traditional electronic and app presentment, and the latest cloud channels, like Amazon Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Microsoft OneDrive, Fiserv, Jack Henry iPay and more – even postal delivery.
Engage: The Communications Cloud makes every piece of communication more valuable. Companies can deliver relevant, personalized communications powered by adaptive content tools and responsive design to engage customers. The Communications Cloud also creates new ways for customers to interact and easily accomplish tasks, such as paying bills, voting proxies, or buying more products and services.
Transform: Leverage data and insights to transform every communication into brand loyalty and revenue opportunities.

See for yourself how easily it can be to extend your reach, engage more effectively and transform customer relationships. Contact us today to learn more.


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