Digital Transformation

Digital: The New Way of Thinking 

Digital communications are increasingly an integral part of our life, and we expect them to enhance and simplify our physical world. However, that’s not always the experience firms deliver to their customers.  As a result customers get frustrated, loyalty can suffer, and eAdoption rates continue to stall, e.g. 75% of bills and statements are still printed and mailed.   Consumers need a compelling reason to change. 

The Digital Evolution

Broadridge Customer Communications is at the forefront of a digital evolution, offering multi-channel solutions, that brings together the best of digital and print.  By combining content from companies across various vertical markets with multi-channel delivery options based on customer preferences – on one integrated platform – we are giving your customers a reason to change.  Scalable, adaptable, configurable.  Broadridge is your conduit to better customer communications.

Reach Across a Multi-channel Digital Network
Communicate with Consumers, Through the Digital Channels They Select

The Digital Pay-It-Forward Model

We are leveraging our unique position and scale to bring you a powerful digital communication ecosystem. Our integrated, multi-channel network is yours with one connection while creating an effortless experience for your customers.  By partnering with emerging and current digital channels, you can extend your reach to the greatest number of consumers.  Everyone promotes, everyone benefits.

The Network Effect Simplifies Adoption

Adaptive Content Meets Responsive Design

Imagine your customer communications coming to life by extracting the information that is most relevant to each customer and combining it into one unique communication – one that will capture their attention because it’s tailored for them.  Our engagement engine, uses adaptive content and responsive design to transform your static communications, like PDFs, into interactive multi-channel experiences.

Reach, Engage and Transform 

  • Reach various digital channels with one integrated network connection
  • Engage your customers by supporting their specific multi-channel and content preferences
  • Transform your customer communications into engagement and brand-building opportunities

See for yourself how easily it can be to extend your reach, engage more effectively and transform customer relationships. Contact us today to learn more.

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