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Connect with your shareowners during proxy season and all year long. Broadridge provides today's public companies with the strategic approach they need to effectively reach both registered and beneficial shareowners. Broadridge has the unique capability to cover all of the details from initial planning through proxy mailing to vote tabulation and reporting of your annual meeting while you focus on increasing investor confidence and reducing your bottom line.

ShareLink proxy processing can help your company save time and money.

  • Simplify your experience by letting Broadridge manage your proxy process. One point of contact advises you from start to finish.
  • Move your communications quickly and get them into the hands of shareowners efficiently and accurately. Our complete distribution/mailing services include duplicate proxy card detection, and high speed insertion technology.
  • Reduce processing and mailing expenses by combining ballots that are mailed to a common address into one envelope, or by merging several accounts onto one document to one address. Utilizing technology unique to Broadridge corporations can utilize programs such as summary processing and consolidation to combine accounts and ballots by household. This directly reduces print and postage fees associated with your annual meeting process.
  • Save money with Broadridge's electronic delivery technology. Broadridge can gather and maintain your shareowner consents for both householding and electronic delivery.
  • Employee stock purchase plans provide a tremendous opportunity for a company’s employees to invest. Through the use of our technology and management we can help administer the use of electronic delivery for your employee shareowners through Broadridge's automated "assumed e-consent process."
  • Your annual report and notice of proxy statement materials are efficiently processed and quickly inserted into the USPS system. It’s Broadridge’s unique capacity to distribute 6.5 million pieces per day, using 16 polywrap machines, 24 inserters and JETVision technology that enable us to execute such fast and accurate distribution.
  • As the largest processor of beneficial proxies for publicly traded companies in the U.S., Broadridge distributes over 800 million pieces of shareowner communication per year, and offers both hard copy and email formats.

ProxyVote™ Shareholder Voting Solution

Build a stronger connection with your shareholders by making it easier for them to vote their shares online. The industry’s leading proxy voting solution has a fresh new look that promotes engagement, trust and loyalty.

The new ProxyVote email templates and voting portal provide shareholders with a more intuitive and streamlined voting experience. Shareholders can request materials, opt-in for e-delivery, connect to a Virtual Shareholder Meeting and more, all from a single web page.

They can also verify their voting status, read shareholder materials and cast their votes with just a few clicks, from any mobile or desktop device. Learn more here

Convenient Online Client Portal

Access your mailing and tabulation information in real-time, online at Our easy-to-use client portal gives you access to your shareowner information through a secure log-in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Information available on includes:

  • Account details
  • Record dates
  • Proxy voting results
  • Job status
  • Proxy planning details
  • Updates to contact information
  • NOBO (non-objecting beneficial owners) list requests

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