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Recent trends in corporate governance are causing many companies to find new ways to engage with their shareholders. Some of the trends contributing to the heightened interest in corporate governance include:

  • Activist investors are becoming increasingly vocal and using the proxy vote process as a mechanism to drive change within corporations
  • Focus on important proxy issues such as say on pay (SOP) and split CEO/Chairman roles, with companies expected to attain the 70% affirmative threshold that is looked at closely by some proxy advisory firms
  • Company leaders and board members are demanding more data and insights on shareholders

Fortunately, a new era has begun in the intelligent use of data, combined with more sophisticated analytical tools that help companies monitor, target, and engage all investors.

Introducing Shareholder Data Services

For Corporations interested in gaining a complete, actionable view of shareholder ownership, voting behavior and results at critical milestones throughout their proxy campaign, Broadridge now offers Shareholder Data Services, a comprehensive reporting package that uniquely provides a multi-dimensional view of data to deliver:

  • An “early warning” detection of potential issues during the campaign so action can be taken to influence the outcome;
  • A vote projection analysis based on ownership and voting trends; and
  • Historical voting results, including benchmarking data.

Shareholder Data Services provides a complete view of prior and current shareholder data across a range of dimensions— including share ownership, share ranges, vote history, voting projections, opportunity analysis, and vote timing – so companies can make informed, data-driven decisions and optimize their proxy communication strategy.

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