Vote Connect

Companies today need to segment, locate and communicate with key shareholders to secure votes. Vote Connect is an automated, high volume pre-communications and reminder call program. It is used to stimulate retail shareholder voting during a proxy campaign in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Vote Connect has the flexibility to allow an issuer to professionally record or select an executive to record their custom shareholder message. If there is no direct connection with a shareholder, the shareholder receives the message which includes instructions on how to vote on their voice-mail or answering machine. Throughout the campaign, modifications to the program are made based on response metrics.

This powerful technology enables the issuer to quickly identify and connect with their shareholders. Exclusive features of Vote Connect are automated shareholder telephone number lookup, targeting calls within a specific time frame, and targeted calls to a particular population of shareholders (ex. Critical unvoted accounts). Call records are updated daily which limits the number of unnecessary phone calls and minimizes any negative impact on shareholders.

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