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Under the SEC’s Notice and Access rule, corporate issuers and mutual funds must make proxy materials available on a public website, and may choose to send a Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials in place of the complete proxy package.

Broadridge can help you determine the optimal model for distributing your proxy communications, developing a strategy that leverages traditional proxy processing and Notice & Access to reach shareholders more effectively and reduce the costs of printing and postage.

We offer a range of services and resources to help you address the complexities of Notice & Access and develop an efficient framework that can simplify the overall management of your proxy process.


SEC Rules

The Notice and Access statistics include the following:

  • Number of corporate issuers that elected to utilize the Notice and Access model
  • Characteristics of "early adopters", including:
    • Distribution size
    • Meeting/agenda type
  • Quorum and retail voter participation with and without Notice and Access
  • Estimated incremental savings to early adopters
  • Percent of investors requesting full sets of proxy materials

The Notice and Access regulatory requirements state that all meeting material must be made available on the Internet at the time of the Notice mailing and be available for up to one year after the meeting date. The materials must be searchable and printable. Broadridge can host your documents with a standard or a customizable shareowner landing page portal at proxyvote. Proxyvote is designed to create a positive experience that allows your shareowners the opportunity to consent to electronic delivery, view and vote their materials.

While visiting a shareowner can:

  • View annual meeting material
  • Request hard copy material
  • Vote shares
  • Elect to receive electronic versions of the annual material

Notice & Access Delivery

Broadridge is uniquely positioned to reach beneficial, registered and employee shareowners through its portal,

Web Hosting

Provide shareholders access to proxy materials with a secure landing page designed to meet SEC requirements that is accessible from your corporate website.

Document Conversion

Broadridge can convert annual reports, proxy statements, & related proxy materials into enhanced electronic formats.

Inventory Management and Fulfillment

Broadridge has built a state-of-the-art Inventory Management & Fulfillment system that is designed to meet SEC’s Notice & Access requirements.

Print Solutions

A more efficient way to print investor communications

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