Proxy Tips


We can save you time, money and effort by handling all the details of the proxy process for both your beneficial and registered shareholders in one place —from initial planning and mailing, to the annual meeting, to vote tabulation and reporting. And only Broadridge performs an external audit of the vote tabulation process.
We can guide you through the proxy process and tailor a solution for your unique needs. Whether you are looking to:

  • simply get proxy communications out the door
  • use data to make more informed decisions, or
  • embrace the latest in digital tools

—we can help you gain efficiencies and control.

ProxyVote™ Shareholder Voting Solution

Build a stronger connection with your investors by making it easier for them to vote their shares online. The industry's leading proxy voting solution has a fresh new look and intuitive interface that promotes engagement, trust and loyalty.

Looking Ahead to Proxy Season 2016
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