Product Updates

Shareholder Data Services

For Corporations interested in understanding retail shareholder behaviors to shape shareholder communication strategies and/or drive proxy voting outcomes, Broadridge offers a new suite of analytic tools and communications capabilities that will enable corporations to identify key shareholder segments, execute targeted communications, and measure results.

Issuers will now be able to:

  • Develop Data-Driven Strategies, leveraging historical data and patterns of shareholder participation
  • Improve Voting Outcomes, by understanding and engaging the right retail shareholders via a targeted approach
  • Measure Success of Targeted Outreach Campaigns so you can learn and adjust your strategy as needed
  • Communicate and Market Effectively inside and outside of proxy season

By creating a data-driven environment, Broadridge enables issuers to optimize their communication with shareholders, providing insight into retail data, allowing issuers to create targeted, segmented communications and measuring the results of those communications.

ProxyVote™ Shareholder Voting Solution

Build a stronger connection with your investors by making it easier for them to vote their shares online. The industry's leading proxy voting solution has a fresh new look and intuitive interface that promotes engagement, trust and loyalty.

Looking Ahead to Proxy Season 2016
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