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Mailer ID (MID) Full Service

We are required to provide an Intelligent Mail barcode on each mail piece in order to qualify for automation pricing. In 2015 the USPS started applying assessments to mailers who don’t meet certain compliance thresholds. For this reason, Broadridge is requesting Mailer ID’s from our clients or we can apply for them on your behalf from the Postal Service with your authorization. You just need to complete this digital form and return it to Broadridge using the Submit Form button located at the top right corner of the form.

USPS is enforcing that every one of our clients have a USPS Mailer ID (MID), and the MIDs need to be in the electronic manifest/mail.dats that we submit. Broadridge will work with our clients to document known MIDs and/or apply for this unique number on your behalf. We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter as this process is necessary for the continuation of USPS automation discounts.

ProxyVote™ Shareholder Voting Solution

Build a stronger connection with your investors by making it easier for them to vote their shares online. The industry's leading proxy voting solution has a fresh new look and intuitive interface that promotes engagement, trust and loyalty.

Looking Ahead to Proxy Season 2016
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