Product Updates

Accelerated Mail Date

Finding yourself pressed for time in getting your materials in the hands of your shareholders? Our Accelerated Mail program will ensure your materials are tendered to the postal service according to your unique requirements.This enhanced option prioritizes your mailing, shortening the five-day turnaround up to and including the same day it is received, and is a great option choice for clients concerned with:

  • Ensuring timely broker discretionary voting
  • Regulatory requirements surrounding mailing completion including Notice and Access
  • Special Meetings including Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Foreign distribution requirements
  • Material printing and delivery delays
ProxyVote™ Shareholder Voting Solution

Build a stronger connection with your investors by making it easier for them to vote their shares online. The industry's leading proxy voting solution has a fresh new look and intuitive interface that promotes engagement, trust and loyalty.

Looking Ahead to Proxy Season 2016
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