Fee & Commission Management

Fee & Commission Management 

Despite increasing focus on saving costs, the management of brokerage fees and commission still proves to be an elusive goal for many financial institutions. The challenge of obtaining consolidated data about complex brokerage fees has until recently been very low on the list of priorities with many institutions performing only simple checks before paying commissions.

Broadridge’s PROactive™ Commission Manager solution provides full control of commissions and fees, ensuring that organisations have the information required to manage payments and receipts across all financial instruments, entities and trading partners.  As a result, you can ensure that your firm is not being overcharged, negotiate improved terms and leverage best execution across your trading relationships.

Key benefits include:

  • Increase your buying power and save costs by taking a business-wide view of payments and receipts
  • Base commission and fee calculations on well-managed internal records, not those of trading partners, for better control and accuracy
  • Improve control of trading agreements and fees using integral and easy-to-use business analytics
  • Respond quickly to innovative new trading products through our flexible, instrument-neutral solution

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