Corporate Trade Confirmation Service

ConCord Electronic Trade Confirmation (ETC)

The ConCord ETC service enables banks and other types of financial institutions to automate the exchange and management of deal confirmations for their corporate customers, thus improving customer service and earnings. 

ConCord ETC uses the SWIFT network and industry standards to ensure the accurate exchange of confirmations, extending the STP chain across financial institution and customers alike. 

Options for the corporate customer:

Broadridge offers the institution’s corporate customer two cost-effective methods of accessing ConCord ETC, depending on the number of treasury deals transacted.  The two options are:

ConCord Corporate

Allows corporate treasuries to exchange and match treasury confirmations electronically. It enables the user to achieve full STP throughout their trade process by integrating the confirmation matching process to their core treasury management systems. Most confirmations will automatically match without manual intervention and exceptions are highlighted for the corporate customer to investigate and take action.

ConCord Gold

Provides an electronic trade confirmation connection for non-SWIFT organisations.  The system automatically generates, sends and receives electronic confirmation messages.  Successful messages are manually affirmed, and users are notified of any non-delivered or missing messages.

ConCord Gold Demo

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