Virtual Shareholder Meeting

Annual meetings often come with high costs—and low participation. Now, forward-thinking companies are turning to technology as the best-practices solution for more effectively managing shareholder engagement while containing cost

Broadridge® Virtual Shareholder Meeting and Shareholder Forum are complementary services that enable your shareholders to attend meetings, vote, ask questions and answer surveys in a secure online environment. You can achieve:

  • Ease of control, with access restricted to validated participants
  • Greater transparency, making it easier for shareholders to submit questions
  • Higher participation rates
  • Flexibility to go completely virtual, or to combine online and physical meetings

Enhance Governance with Virtual Shareholder Meeting

The Broadridge Virtual Shareholder Meeting service is the only solution of its kind that allows validated shareholders to participate fully in online annual meetings—hearing or watching the proceedings, voting and asking questions.

Choose the right approach for your company’s needs.

Go completely virtual for maximum savings

You can replace in-person events with virtual meetings, enabling your company to:

  • Eliminate the effort and expense of organizing physical meetings
  • Easily maintain security and control

Broaden participation for your in-person annual meeting

If physical meetings remain essential for your company, you can boost participation rates by adding a virtual component. You can:

  • Include more shareholders and invited stakeholders
  • Support your brand with tailored messages and materials
  • Adopt the latest best practices in corporate governance

How it works: A simple, intuitive experience for shareholders

  • Shareholders receive meeting invitations and instructions in their regular proxy mailings
  • Using a control number, shareholders can conveniently sign in from their home or office
  • A dedicated, customizable meeting page delivers streaming audio or video of the meeting, and also allows shareholders to cast votes, enter questions and view additional company messages
  • Meeting pages can also include welcome letters, video bios, call-in numbers or links to other shareholder materials

How it works: Maximum convenience and control for issuers

  • An easy-to-use administration tool lets issuers control video or audio broadcasts, voting times and more
  • Dashboards display key statistics at a glance, including votes, shares and attendance totals
  • Weekly pre-meeting reports tally total registrants, shareholder questions, surveys and associated share ranges
  • Post-meeting reports summarize attendees and votes

Broaden Engagement with Shareholder Forum

Enhance your shareholders’ experience before your virtual meeting—and throughout the year—with Shareholder Forum, a controlled online venue for communicating with validated shareholders. Shareholders can ask questions, vote and answer surveys in an interactive forum dedicated exclusively to your company. Now your executive team and board of directors can gather ideas, receive important feedback and make corporate governance more transparent—all without any disruption to your existing processes.

Benefits to you and your shareholders include:

  • Generate higher levels of shareholder interaction, engagement and understanding
  • Improve the shareholder’s ability to communicate directly with your company
  • Provide executive management and board of directors with valuable insights
  • Improve your  investor outreach efforts by increasing the volume and type of shareholders involved, including retail shareholders

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