Data Center Security

Tier IV and Tier III data centers represent the technological core of our data security infrastructure. The security of our data centers is extensive with emphasis placed on location, reliability and availability, physical security, disaster avoidance, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Data Center Security Includes:

Tier IV Data Centers - multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, redundant components, fault tolerant, providing 99.995% infrastructure availability to support core processing requirements.

Tier III Data Centers - highly available and resilient to support all other processing needs.

Dual-hosting failover architecture for mission critical Tier I applications.

Replication of hardware and software systems at primary and alternate processing sites-provides effective disaster avoidance and disaster recovery, where appropriate.

Core products and services are routinely Disaster Recovery tested to meet client and industry expectations.

Business Continuity Plans - practical and table-top tested.

Redundant network connectivity for data and voice communications.

Diverse carrier class telecommunication service providers.

Uninterruptible power supply systems, generators and multiple power feeds to the facility-fully tested on a monthly basis.

24x7x365 network and security operations center to monitor all data center equipment and security event monitoring tools.

General Security

Facility Security

Broadridge facilities also feature advanced technology and defined security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to our facilities, further safeguarding client materials.


Facility Security Includes:

Dedicated physical and information security resources.

Extensive digital security camera monitoring system.

Biometric hand geometry scanning devices securing access to restricted areas at data centers and vote processing areas.

Computerized building access control with photo ID.

Hourly and Ad-hoc Site Tours at core facilities - professional security staff performs regular site tours in core facilities; potential issues are reported through the security incident reporting process and escalated as necessary.

Personnel Security

Broadridge believes that a strong security infrastructure begins with our people. Broadridge screens all new hires and contractors and continually provides training and awareness on security best practices and procedures.


Personnel Security Includes:

Background, criminal, and drug screening for new hires, contractors and temporary staff. Additionally credit checks are required for Ridge associates.

Proactive Remote Access network to support disaster recovery and business continuity planning; associated security provisions are in place to restrict and monitor unauthorized access.

Associates are required to perform ongoing Information Security training in accordance with Information Security policies and standards.

Clear Desk Policy - enforced and spot-checked to protect associate and client information; on-site shredding facilities or locked document bins are provided for use by personnel in compliance with policy requirements.

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