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Global Diversity & Inclusion

Our associate networks are organization-wide, company-sponsored, associate-led volunteer groups. While open to everyone, members typically share common interests, affinity or backgrounds and possess the desire to broaden their horizons. Networks offer personal support, development opportunities, networking activities, community service outreach and more. The company supports the following networks:

Women's Leadership Forum (WLF)

The Women’s Leadership Forum values women’s perspectives and leverages women’s views on diversity and inclusion to better address the needs of our clients while actively working to remove barriers for women’s advancement at Broadridge.

WLF has several chapters across Broadridge. Each chapter champions initiatives based on the needs of the associates at their respective sites including: mentoring, an executive speaker series, networking with Broadridge executives, etc.

Leading Broadridge To Greater Awareness (LBTGA)

Leading Broadridge To Greater Awareness is a support network for lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender associates and allies. The network fosters a safe and inclusive work environment committed to nurturing creativity, facilitating professional development and allowing associates to help grow the business.

The network has subcommittees that focus on various initiatives related to education and awareness, community outreach, and Human Rights Campaigns.

MultiCultural Associate Network (MCAN)

The Multicultural network encourages and develops extraordinary associates from all cultures and backgrounds to maximize the power of diversity and inclusion in the achievement of superior results and a sustainable marketplace advantage.

The network has subcommittees that focus on initiatives related to communications, career and professional development and community and market outreach.

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Associate Success Stories

Stacy DeNoyior

Women's Leadership Forum (WLF) - Edgewood Chapter Co-Chair, VP, Sales

"I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this organization for the past 21+ years. I’ve always believed I had a blank slate to fill; Broadridge has afforded me the opportunity to fill it with fantastic assignments. Participating in the launch and remaining a co-chair of the WLF Edgewood Chapter has been very rewarding. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to pay forward goodwill, career advice and the guidance I’ve received from others."

Denise Byrd

Women's Leadership Forum - Journal Square Chapter Co-Chair, VP, Strategic Pricing

"I am extremely honored to be an active member of the Women’s Leadership Forum, to co-chair the JSQ/1 Park D&I Chapter, and to represent Broadridge on the Women’s Bond Club Board. The JSQ/1 Park D&I Chapter was the first regional network and the participants have so many reasons to be proud. The activities have run the gamut: American Heart Association walk/runs, “Voices of Experience” series with senior industry executive speakers, helping to shape the BR Flexible Work Arrangements program, as well as two mentoring programs. Our members truly embrace our mission to make JSQ/1 Park a great place to work for all, with a culture of mentoring, development, and support. My involvement in all these groups has really underscored Broadridge’s commitment to D&I."

Marvin Sims

Multicultural Associate Network – Chairman and Co-Sponsor, VP, Strategic Pricing

“The MCAN can play a critical role in helping our associates identify the skill sets needed to navigate the organization and manage their careers, and in turn help the company identify opportunity gaps that need to be bridged to help maximize organization talent. In short, it provides “the edge” that we all look for and are fortunate to find if we ever do. I am excited to be a network leader and feel it's my personal responsibility to give back and share my learnings for the betterment of others.”

AJ Lopez

Leading Broadridge To Greater Awareness Co-Chair, Associate

"I have been a Broadridge associate for 14 years. Due to our recently established Leading Broadridge To Greater Awareness (LBTGA) network, I’m a fully engaged associate. I feel that I can be authentic and offer so much more! The network has made a positive impact on me personally and professionally. I am honored to be the Co-Chair of Broadridge’s LBTGA network."

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