Executive Diversity Council

Global Diversity & Inclusion

Chaired by John Hogan, Senior Managing Director, Broadridge Technology, and Maryjo Charbonnier, Chief Human Resourcess Officer, the Executive Diversity Council is teamed with senior leaders dedicated to champion this major corporate initiative and represents Broadridge's commitment to individual, cultural, geographic and business line diversity.



John Hogan
Senior Managing Director, Broadridge Technology



Committee Members

Michael Alexander
President, Business Process Outsourcing

Tom Carey
President, International Securities Processing Solutions

Tim Gokey
Chief Operating Officer

Charlie Marchesani
President, Global Technology & Outsourcing Solutions

Gerard Scavelli
President, Mutual Funds, Investor Communication Solutions

Mark Schlesinger
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Michael J. Hopkins
President, Fixed Income and Risk Business

Susan Certoma
President, Business Process Securities

Managing Director, India

Mike Dignam
President, Canadian Securities Processing Solutions

Michael Galanter
Vice President, Corporate Audit

Bob Kalenka, Sr.
Senior Vice President, Production Operations

Laura Matlin
Associate General Counsel

Valerie Norton
Vice President, Talent Management & Acquisition

Patricia Rosch
General Manager, Investor Communication Solutions - International

Bob Schifellite
President, Bank Broker Dealer/Issuer, Investor Communication Solutions

Frieda Lewis
Chief Diversity Officer and Managing Director, Global Relationship Management

Marvin Sims
Vice President, Strategic Pricing

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