Robust Corporate Governance is a Must

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Robust Corporate Governance is a Must

Demi Derem discusses the challenges faced by the custodian and asset servicing communities and the advantages of an improved local custody model for the proxy process.

Regulators and investors continue to drive change around corporate governance, transparency and risk management. Whilst many of these changes have been good for the industry - and have provided greater protection for investors - they have also had a direct impact on operating margins and driven infrastructure change costs for custodians and asset servicing firms. Along with the ongoing pressures of demonstrating revenue and margin growth to shareholders, increased competition and a backdrop of low interest rates, custodians and asset servicing firms have been made to look long and hard at their business models and think of ways to remain competitive.

Demi Derem, general manager, Investor Communication Solutions International, explains the requirement for robust corporate governance practices in order to attract investment and maintain investor confidence, including improved stewardship and transparency, extended voting windows and better vote accuracy reporting.

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