Tax Managed Services (TMS)

Broadridge Tax Managed Services Enables Firms to Focus on Core Business Objectives

Complying with tax reporting changes such as Non-Resident Alien, Qualified Dividend Identification, and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act diverts revenue generating and client retention resources from your core business. Broadridge has partnered with Convey Compliance Systems and Compliance Technologies International, LLP (CTI) to deliver an end-to-end tax reporting solution to meet these revenue and resource challenges. These services are designed to provide broker-dealers one solution for all tax transactions and reporting requirements.

This service combines the best-of-breed technology and experience to:

  • Reduce expenses
  • Create efficiencies and consolidate Tax Operations/Information Technology
  • Reduce regulatory risk/liability exposure
  • Improve problem resolution and turnaround to minimize client issues

This offering is distinguished by the following features:

  • Customization – Customize the robust platform to fit your firm’s needs - from functionality to client reporting, the environment is uniquely built to accommodate custom business requirements.
  • Consolidation – Eliminate disparate tax reporting platforms, procedures, and vendors into a single integrated solution to enable cost efficiencies.
  • Complete Control – Manage activity, reconcile withholding entries, and correct forms for this year and historical years in real-time.
  • Scalability – Built to address volume spikes and to accept cost basis / tax data from any source, format, and frequency.

The FATCA Solution

Broadridge Tax Services has joined forces with CTI to introduce an end-to-end FATCA solution for the financial services industry. This alliance combines CTI's state-of-the art due diligence and tax withholding software with Broadridge Tax Managed Services information reporting and client delivery solution to satisfy each of the primary FATCA requirements. These features consolidate and streamline a number of labor-intensive back-office functions related to Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) and complex NRA withholding requirements under a single sourced solution.

About Compliance Technologies International, LLP

CTI logoCTI’s software and services have been used in multi-national corporations and eight of the ten largest financial institutions in the world since 1998.  CTI has a strong team of highly specialized and experienced international and domestic tax and software professionals, including lawyers, accountants, software engineers, and operations experts.  CTI’s team is a leader in cutting-edge global tax technology; consulting and outsourcing services specializing in information return reporting and tax withholding.

About Convey Compliance Systems

Convey logoConvey helps reduce both costs and risks associated with handling 1099 reporting at both the federal and state level. Clients depend on Convey’s innovation and expertise to assure tax compliance while handling the complexities of reporting and filing tax documents on behalf of customers, vendors and investors. Convey’s solutions combine over 25 years of expertise in 1099 reporting with configurable on-demand software and operational services, all designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and mitigate risk. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Plymouth, MN, Convey serves over 2,000 clients ranging from small businesses processing hundreds of forms to Fortune 500 companies processing millions of forms.

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