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Responding to legislative changes to enhance bank/broker service offering

Changes in the UK Companies Act 2006 were a significant milestone in recognising and enhancing the rights of private investors holding shares through a nominee.

In response to the changes and the needs of our bank, broker-dealer clients, Broadridge now offers a fully managed nominations service that gives brokers’ customers the ability to vote all proxies online and receive shareholder materials direct from companies for all positions held under the name of a nominee. Your private investor clients simply sign up through an efficient one-time process and then receive materials direct from the companies in which they invest.

When a shareholder meeting is announced, your clients are automatically sent an email alerting them of the meeting, and directing them back to your website to vote, or alternatively to a voting website supported by Broadridge.

The service provides that the new voting and information rights are properly extended to private investors – it is also proven to increase client traffic to your website.

  • Empower your nominee-held investors – and get ahead of coming regulatory change
  • Gain competitive advantage by enhancing your clients’ service
  • Extend key governance rights to previously disenfranchised shareholders
  • Increase traffic to your website – direct clients to your website to vote their shares
  • Flexible service solutions to suit your business model
  • Coming requirements under RDR and Securities Law Directive can be met now or as needed in future under this service

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