Global Proxy Management

Through its Global Proxy Services, Broadridge provides a complete solution for international proxy management.

We offer a fully automated, electronic product supporting straight-through processing from account collection and agenda distribution, through vote processing in all markets covered within client investment portfolios. Customized to the securities held in an account, Broadridge distributes electronic proxy agendas to both institutional and retail investors, and collects votes back through the same channel. Votes are tabulated and delivered to the local market in accordance with market practice.

Broadridge has been providing its expertise in voting international securities since 1996. Outsourcing to Broadridge will enable you to benefit from:

  • The premier global proxy processing infrastructure, backed by the highest standards of customer service
  • Substantial ongoing investments in client-side technology, and the ability to provide your clients with better quality information and increased time to vote
  • The ability to focus on your core business and minimize your time handling administrative tasks
  • Full transparency and accountability through performance metrics and on-demand reporting tools
  • Technology that allows you to monitor the proxy process for any meeting in any market throughout the world

Industry- and country-specific expertise and involvement that can only be applied by a company whose core business is investor communications processing.

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