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Beneficial Proxy Processing

When it comes to proxy ballots, regulations are complex and mailing deadlines are tight. Broadridge helps fulfill regulatory responsibilities efficiently and economically. Broadridge handles the entire process on-line and in real time, from coordination with third-party entities to ordering, inventory maintenance, mailing, tracking and vote tabulation.

  • ProxyEdge® electronic proxy management allows institutional investors to manage and vote their proxies on-line, helping to ensure participation of many companies' largest shareowners
  • Internet and touch-tone proxy voting services give shareholders convenient alternatives for voting their proxies
  • ReorgPlus® reorganization notification mailings quickly notifies shareholders of tender offers, mergers, acquisitions and other important corporate actions
  • Spin-off notification provides timely tax-cost information and materials customers require
  • Year-end tax information reporting provides the most comprehensive payment reclassification service on the market today, allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Master Limited Partnership Reporting helps you meet regulatory requirements pursuant to section 60133 (c) (1) of the IRS code

Accelerated Mail Date

Broadridge’s industry-leading investor communications services just got even better.  For those times when you need a faster turnaround on your mailing, Broadridge offers a new option: Accelerated Mail Date.

Even under normal circumstances, our mail services set the standard for turnaround times.  However, when the urgent or unexpected need arises, Accelerated Mail Date will ensure that your materials are tendered to the postal service according to your unique requirements. This enhanced option prioritizes your mailing, shortening the turnaround up to and including the same day it is received Choose from same day, one, two, three or four-day turnaround.

This new service is valuable for clients concerned with: 

  • Complying with regulatory requirements such as Notice and Access
  • Special Meeting notifications including Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Delays in getting pre-printed materials to Broadridge
  • Providing sufficient time for broker discretionary voting
  • Meeting foreign distribution requirements

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