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The Reorg Document Event Library is an internet-based portal that allows you to access any corporate action document that Broadridge has processed over a rolling period of time. You can forward these materials to your clients via email, easing your document and information management role.

Benefits to You

  • Faster Notification - electronic delivery will speed information via the Internet rather than traditional paper delivery, giving shareholders more time to review material and make their decisions.
  • Customization - ability to customize email to your clients to include instructions and directions specific to both your and their needs.
  • Streamlined Communications - the document, search engine, and navigation are combined in one compact, high-performance "packaged" document - requires no attachments and no plug-ins.
  • Shareholder - fully interactive reorg documents within the email provide an enhanced user experience.
  • It’s fast and simple for shareholders to access just those documents they wish to read and provide their response.
  • Branding - The Reorg Document Event Library can be private-labeled for your firm

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