Transforming the way governance decisions are made

The changing landscape in remuneration practice, along with understanding pay against corporate performance and the intensifying scrutiny of board independence and effectiveness has become a critical matter for companies, investors and other stakeholders.

DirectorInsight: executive pay and corporate governance insights

A one-stop, interactive corporate governance data and analytics solution, providing smart and predictive insight and an independent platform for analysing governance risks, executive pay and benchmarking through a pay-for-performance screening tool, board intelligence, company financials, filings and interlocks.

What makes DirectorInsight different?

  • One solution for governance insight – DirectorInsight connects all data for pay, performance and governance decision making. Segregated market with multiple companies leveraging specialised data to gain deeper insights into corporate governance, financial performance, board expertise or executive pay.
  • Independent screening and assessment – Unique benchmarking and screening analysis to gain predictive insights on companies relative to governance risk, exercise ‘Say on Pay’ and vote on board elections. Screen for pay-for-performance misalignment over multiple years, board composition, over-boarding, director expertise and interlocks, and broader company level governance practices.
  • Great accessibility – Anytime, anywhere access to company board, pay, governance and performance intelligence. Mobile and desktop access combined with on-demand, visual reporting tools for an adaptive user experience.
  • Clear, quick and trustful insights – DirectorInsight’s data is not isolated. All data points are connected to swiftly generate powerful online insights. It contains in depth company proxy, governance, key performance and compensation data and details for executives and non-executives, both quantitative and qualitative displayed in a simple way. It is geared towards the investor, corporations and other stakeholders, enabling informed decision making and effective engagement. Compensation data takes into account institutional proxy voting, regulatory and governance code requirements.

Modules available

Pay for PerformancePay4Performance – Benchmark executive compensation relative to company performance and peers. Review executive compensation relative to company performance and peers over multiple years. Determine if pay is excessive and misaligned against a wide range of key financial performance indicators. For example: swiftly assess the alignment between the CEO’s total realized pay and Total Shareholder Return or Economic Profit over a three year period relative to its peer group perform a pay for performance sensitivity check based on self-construct peer groups.

Governance RiskGovernance Risk – Standardized data to understand, benchmark and screen remuneration policies and levels corporate governance and compensation policies and levels across markets.

Executive IntelligenceExecutive Intelligence – Understand company governance practice, screen on board diversity, over boarding, independence, director expertise and qualification, identify risks for effective company engagement and investment portfolio decision making. Get instant access to executive biographies and term of office intelligence, for succession planning and recruitment efforts.

Peer Group AnalysisPeer Group Analysis – A comprehensive peer modeling tool for screening company peer groups appropriateness fit. Through DirectorInsight’s proprietary peer modeling tool, construct and screen peer groups with the flexibility to adjust key metrics to prevent a “one size fits all” approach. It enables issuers, investors and other key stakeholders to obtain a comprehensive and completely objective diagnosis on company’s peer composition for its appropriateness. Self-constructed peer groups can be easily transported to our pay for performance screening tool enabling you to swiftly assess pay for performance misalignments and set competitive market pay practices.

Extensive coverage

DirectorInsight provides access to comprehensive, fundamental company financial performance and executive compensation data from 2008 and onwards, providing highest quality statistics and standardized data for assessing executive compensation levels, pay-for-performance alignment, board intelligence, corporate governance practices and academic research.

DirectorInsight allows instant access to over 1.5 million complete and up-to-date company disclosures, filings and forms including annual reports, financials, AGM agenda and resolutions, insider trading & holding, CD&A disclosures, proxy voting results and any other corporate governance related company filings, in their original format.

Acquired and sourced data currently covers 19 major European markets and over 31 indexes, 1200+ listed companies with circa 30.000 senior executives, drawn from leading equity indexes.

Who should be interested in DirectorInsight

  • Board Members – Provides boards and remuneration committees with market intelligence, benchmarking and pay for performance analytics
  • Investors – A platform for investors to screen portfolio companies; boards, executive pay levels, pay for performance misalignments, peer groups and governance risks
  • Human Resource Professionals – Provides intelligence for market competitive remuneration practices, talent management, executive resourcing and succession planning
  • Researchers – A platform for independent research offering a wealth of data in the field of executive pay, corporate governance, shareholder voting and company performance

Research and customized services

As a premium service, we offer a platform for research, news on leading issues, trends and education on executive compensation corporate governance practices. There is an opportunity to commission and monitor research on remuneration and corporate governance matters.

Our dedicated research analysts deliver high quality customized reports tailored towards client’s specific needs, and in-depth data modeling upon a client request, to generate further insight.

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