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In the face of rapidly and fundamentally changing regulations, financial firms and corporations around the world are being challenged to find new ways to manage risk, maximize efficiencies and cut costs.

It’s time for innovative new strategies. It’s time for real solutions. It’s time to talk to us.

The process of buying and selling stock across borders is becoming harmonized. In capital markets regions such as Europe, with its many jurisdictions, it’s imperative to have systems and processes in place to support both domestic and foreign investment. As a natural outcome, the proxy process that underlies securities services must also be harmonized. That demands a complex data infrastructure to ensure transparency, accuracy, and local market compliance, which in turn is driving operational performance in global capital markets.

TARGET2-Securities (T2S) is a fundamental market change that is putting significant pressure on securities firms. The move to T2S is intended to improve market efficiency and the transparency of cross-border transactions. But the implementation of systems to support compliance with the new requirement is complex and extends to every type of participant in the capital markets, not just banks and brokers.

Just as securities buying and selling is being harmonized across jurisdictions, the provision of proxy process services is being mutualized through a shared services model based on managed services.

Broadridge has a long track record of success in the provision of industry-first proxy communication solutions.

In North America, we transformed the proxy process by harmonizing practices, reducing risk and optimizing cost efficiency for more than 900 custodian bank and broker clients. We are now working with our custodian clients in the European region to support T2S. We have mobilized a program of work to expand our proxy product offering to include:

  • Direct sourcing of agendas from registrars and / or central local institutions
  • Agenda creation, translation and distribution
  • Direct vote execution and physical meeting attendance

Our Key Differentiators:

  • Transformative T2S Strategy - we have already made, and will continue to make, significant investments in technology and people to ensure we meet the expectations of our clients in a post-T2S world.
  • Committed Global Market Leader - for over 18 years, Broadridge has provided global proxy solutions for nearly 50 custodian and broker relationships, supporting 99% of all cross-border assets, including the assets of all of the top 10 global custodians.
  • Mutualization - with our expertise and strong market presence, Broadridge can leverage its extensive infrastructure and pass on to our clients economies of scale that no other proxy service provider can achieve. We are committed to delivering operational and cost efficiencies that could not be achieved on an individual basis.
  • Smart and Flexible Client Solutions - Broadridge offers an array of smart and flexible client solutions that provide operational efficiency through the use of our multiple client facing tools and communication modes to simplify the management of all steps in the proxy process including:
    • ProxyEdge®- Broadridge's suite of electronic voting services that help simplify the management of institutional proxies.
    • ICSonline - provides issuers with online access to information and services that support proxy and securityholder communication processing needs.
    • Consolidated Data Feed - automates the collection of data from multiple sources.
    • Investor Mailbox - creates transparency for all constituents in the “communication supply chain.”

We also provide value add services that address local market and client requirements, including:

  • Power of Attorney solicitation based on client holdings
  • Agenda Search reporting of potential corporate events on proxy agendas
  • Corporate Action Library
  • Vote Confirmation

Leveraging economies of scale to drive efficiency and cost effectiveness, built on a foundation of operational excellence, are fundamental to doing business in the new world.

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