Electronic Document Delivery and Solution Archival

Broadridge is a leader in Internet-based communications. Our PostEdge e-delivery solution puts just about any correspondence in your clients' reach quickly, efficiently and securely while offering you comprehensive report mining capabilities that help automate many of your daily business operations. Broadridge can manage it all -- from obtaining consents, maintaining an electronic delivery preference database, document posting and archiving, to integrating e-delivery with your printed distributions. Documents that are appropriate to be electronically stored and posted include:

  • Transaction Confirmations
  • Account Statements
  • Daily Reports
  • New Account Documents
  • Pre- and Post-sale Prospectuses
  • Annual Reports
  • Interim Reports
  • 1099s and other tax related documents

Benefits for Financial Managers

  • Central document repository is cost efficient
  • Web-based system means no costs associated with special hardware or software
  • Helps satisfy SEC retention and archival requirements
  • Documents appear in their original print image format and are the same exact images your customers view
  • Web-based platform enables all centralized and remote users with standard Web browsers to access documents
  • Dual hosting and disaster recovery methodologies ensure virtually 100% system availability
  • Website design is customizable to display your company's identity and can stand alone or be incorporated into your existing website
  • Security access can be controlled on correspondent, branch, region, office manager, and account executive levels, and can be integrated into existing security schemes
  • All account executive copies are stored
  • Capability to store and access your daily "back-office" reports simplifies your operations
  • PostEdge eliminates outdated methods of archiving statements, confirmations, and reports
  • Retrieval of old statements, trade confirmations and 1099s is fast and simple
  • Outsourced management of the overall solicitation process, consent database management and maintenance, e-mail reject handling and re-routing

Benefits for Shareholders

  • E-mails speed notifications to shareholders letting them know their documents are posted and ready for viewing far in advance of traditionally mailed paper copies
  • Web-based platform enables shareholders to view their documents wherever and whenever is most convenient for them -- at home, at work or on the road
  • Shareholders can conveniently retrieve old statements
  • Ability to select the delivery option that suits their needs -- traditional print and mail, electronic delivery, or both
  • Documents appear in their original print image format and are the same exact images that you view
  • E-mail rejection handling ensures that a paper document copy is mailed when electronic documents are not viewed within the specified time frame, or when e-mail notification does not reach the intended recipient due to an invalid e-mail address or data communication error

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