Smart Kits – Canada

A smart delivery platform for Client Relationship Model documents

The first written communication investors receive before opening an investment account is the most important, for many reasons:

  • Client Relationship Model (CRM) regulations will require clients to receive more mandatory disclosure from their investment advisors than ever before.
  • Account opening communications influence clients’ first impressions of their advisors and the companies that service their investment needs.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility encourages good environmental practices, which includes reducing paper waste.

Smart Kits are concise, custom-branded booklets sent from investment advisors to their new clients. Their design is based on our knowledge of the proposed CRM regulations and other relevant securities regulations, and supported by focus group research. Smart Kits include mandatory account opening information, a personalized advisor welcome letter and other messaging that a firm may choose to include. Each booklet is personalized by combining Broadridge’s data processing with digital print-for-one technology.

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