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Mailbox Solutions keep you and your clients thoroughly informed of all investor communications sent by Broadridge, creating transparency for all constituents in the “communication supply chain” – including investors, advisors, client services, and your back office.

Through a unique suite of integrated web services, Mailbox Solutions provides access to proxy statements, prospectuses, corporate action notices, regulatory delivery notices, class action distributions, trade confirmations, tax documents and more.  As a widely-used, global platform, Mailbox Solutions enhances the client experience and provides opportunities for more efficient and proactive communications with your clients.

For Advisors

Mailbox Solutions for Advisors presents an aggregate view of all distributions Broadridge sends on behalf of the bank/broker-dealer to the Advisor’s clients.  Advisors have the ability to:

  • Be more proactive with clients by addressing communications, such as a Voluntary Corporate Action or Proxy notice, that clients have not instructed or voted upon
  • Respond quickly to client inquiries by performing an account look-up and accessing up to seven years of documentation and transaction history
  • Increase efficiency when voting Proxies or sending instructions for Corporate Actions, without having to log into additional systems.

For Investors

Mailbox Solutions for Investors is integrated into your website, creating a seamless, branded experience for your clients. Your website remains the primary communication portal, streamlining multiple delivery and response channels with single sign-on access.  Benefits of Mailbox Solutions for Investors include:

  • Greater visibility into regulatory distributions sent to clients, including hard copy mailings as well as e-delivery
  • Ease of use for investors, who come to your firm’s website and can access all of their regulatory communications from Broadridge, alongside of their account information from your firm
  • Increased website traffic as a result of e-mail notices that link back to your site, where investors can access distributions

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