Mutual Fund Data

FundPOINT® Data

Broadridge’s FundPOINT Data is the only data solution to source mutual fund data from SEC filings on EDGAR & offer 349 individual data elements.

FundPOINT® Desktop

Broadridge helps mutual fund advisors to instantly retrieve the latest EDGAR-sourced disclosure information with just a few mouse clicks. Call us to know how: (800) 481-2331.

FundPOINT® Monitor

Monitor compliance changes affecting specific funds or stocks via this web-based daily alert and information tool.

FundPOINT® Research

Access a comprehensive web-based library of current and historical documents for mutual funds, variable annuities, and ETFs dating back to 1999.

FundPOINT® for 529 Plans

Broadridge FundPOINT helps advisors grow 529 Plan assets while better serving their investor clients with an intuitive Web-based solution.

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Is Your Mutual Fund Data Right?

FundPOINT® delivers the most comprehensive and accurate mutual funds rules from the definitive source: the SEC’s EDGAR system. This provides the capability to extract, organize, and maintain information at the share class level into fund-specific “compliance envelopes” – linking key compliance data to the source documents filed on EDGAR.

Product Insight
FundPOINT® Suite

A Data and Desktop Solution that's accurate, comprehensive and EDGAR-sourced.

Product Insight
Prospectus Express

A “best-in-class” e-delivery compliance document fulfillment solution with daily EDGAR updates.

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