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Aspire is a suite of applications designed to enable brokers and investment advisors to strengthen customer relationships and increase assets under management. Aspire’s customizable open architecture helps firms reduce costs and operate more efficiently. The comprehensive solution suite can be integrated with Broadridge back-office services and may be used independently or together.

Aspire performs for the entire firm:

High-tech, hosted solutions allow you to focus on your core business.

  • Focus on advice and execution, not IT infrastructure. We manage the ISO-certified data center, software support, operations, capacity planning, site mirroring, and security. You don’t need to invest in or manage new IT infrastructure to get the latest IT technology and support.
  • Stay abreast of regulatory requirements. Aspire Portfolio Accounting enables the cost-basis tracking and reporting required by the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
  • Add integrated broker and investor portals and sophisticated wealth management and proposal capabilities.
  • Handle global investments, non-US offices. The Aspire Portfolio Accounting and Performance Reporting platform processes multiple currencies.
  • Provide all these services at massive, previously-unachievable scale, and the lowest cost-per-account.

Aspire delivers to the front-office:

More efficiency means better service for more clients, even your smaller clients.

  • Capture data once and reuse it throughout the customer lifecycle, with Aspire’s advanced data integration.
  • Offer anytime-to-anytime portfolio accounting and GIPS-consistent performance reporting, on-demand. For single accounts, account groups, households, your entire book of business.
  • Reduce discrepancies and confusion. Use a single engine and dataset to drive gain/loss and performance reporting – both your on-demand, online reports and your quarterly and annual statements.
  • Handle your UMA business in the same platform. Aspire supports money managers and multi-strategy accounts.

Aspire delivers to the back-office:

The Aspire Portfolio Accounting and Performance solution provides unprecedented accuracy and scalability, at the lowest cost-per-account.

  • Manage massive scale efficiently. All portfolio accounting and performance computations are performed in real-time, on-demand. That means no complications when you need to adjust previous transactions or prices.
  • Lower reconciliation workload
  • Save even more time with nimble, efficient reconciliation tools.
  • Do it once. A single reconciliation operation supports both Portfolio Accounting and Performance Reporting.

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