Investigo® Enterprise

Broadridge’s Investigo® SMARTDATA™ solutions let your organization create a single, consolidated source of high-quality data—then helps you turn that data into actionable intelligence that’s easily accessible across your entire business enterprise.

Enterprise Data Consolidation

Investigo empowers your entire organization to make the most profitable use of information. Its SMARTDATA suite of solution consolidates data from multiple clearing firms, custodians, insurance carriers, internal data silos, and other sources into a central repository. It also provides a patented process for reconciling and scrubbing that data to ensure its accuracy. 

Data you can trust

Comprehensive and accurate information that’s reliable  is essential for your firm to make informed  decisions and drive critical front to back-office applications.  Investigo’s patented and proven processes for acquiring, normalizing, parsing, reconciling, and scrubbing data to ensure its quality deliver data your firm can trust.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Powered by Broadridge’s Investigo® SMARTDATA the Independent Data Model (IDM) provides firms with a centralized repository of replicated data in their own environment.  Refreshes of the database throughout the business day provide accurate and reliable information to your firm’s back-office in a timely manner.

High-quality, well-structured data can help your firm:

  • Cost-effectively deploy a Data Warehouse or provide a Data Mart for managing important data sets
  • Outsource data reconciliation & scrubbing to feed your proprietary Data Warehouse, Advisor Workstation, infrastructure, and processes
  • Build management reports within minutes instead of hours or weeks
  • Focus on mining the data’s value, rather than wasting precious time and resources managing and auditing it
  • Improve customer service and operational efficiency
  • Increase confidence and reduce regulatory risk
  • Provide complete and accurate data to enable better decision-making

Enhanced Advisor Productivity & Client Service

Powered by Broadridge’s Investigo® SMARTDATA the Advisor platform combines data aggregation with powerful reporting and practice management tools into one easy-to-use, web-based platform that frees advisors to focus on growing their businesses. 

The Investigo Advisor platform provides a 360 view of all Clients’ assets 24 x 7, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple data sources. Our patented processes consolidate Client insurance, and investment accounts,  including “held away” assets and fee-based accounts. A variety of configurable, customizable reports give your Advisors fingertip access to all the information they need. Automatic daily downloads and updates save them  valuable time and resources.   Now your advisors can spend less time on administrative tasks—and more time serving their clients and driving revenue!

Investigo® SMARTDATA can also be exported from the Advisor platform to other best-of-breed, pre-integrated solutions used by your Advisors in their practices.  These include portfolio analytics, CRM, financial planning, forms management, and others, to provide for the consistent use of the same high-quality data.  This not only helps drive Advisor adoption of these other solutions, but it also helps provide a “cleaner” audit trail for compliance purposes.

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