Investigo® Advisor

Broadridge’s Investigo® Advisor Practice Management Solution

See All of Your Client Information, All in One Place

You can spend less time managing client data—and more time making use of it—with  Investigo®’s Smart Data Advisor Solution. In one easy-to-use web-based platform, you gain a powerful array of tools for data aggregation, reporting, client relationship management (CRM), online document management and practice management. 

A Single 360° Client View

You gain a single view of all of your clients’ assets 24 x 7 presented in the applications of your choice—eliminating the need to navigate through multiple data sources.

Easy-to-use Dashboards

Timesaving dashboards turn client information into actionable intelligence. You can access contact information at a glance, or click down to any level of portfolio detail in a simple, intuitive way.

Accurate, Timely Data

You can feel confident in the quality of your data. Our powerful data aggregation tool automatically downloads, consolidates and reconciles client data on a daily basis.

Flexible Access

You enjoy fingertip access to the information you need with a variety of configurable, customizable reports, including client performance, asset allocation, performance history, holdings, transactions, benchmarking, cost basis and more.

Better Use of Your Valuable Time

Our user-friendly interface lets you get up and running quickly, while our automated tools eliminate manual work. Now you can spend less time on administrative tasks—and more time on marketing and client meetings.

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