Advisor Productivity Tools

Investigo® Smart Data™

Investigo Smart Data, our web-based platform, features powerful array of tools for data aggregation, reporting, CRM, online document management, etc.

Forefield Composer E-Mail

Using Forefield Composer e-mail marketing solution advisors can create, host, and distribute their own content.

PostEdge E-Delivery and Archival

Broadridge can manage everything from obtaining consents, maintaining an e-delivery preference database to document posting & archiving.

Advisor Mailbox

Our Mailbox solutions streamline multiple delivery channels into a single-visit financial portal that investors will find on your website.

FundPOINT® Desktop

FundPOINT Desktop helps mutual fund advisors to instantly retrieve latest EDGAR-sourced disclosure information with just a few mouse clicks.

FundPOINT® for 529 Plans

Broadridge FundPOINT helps advisors grow 529 Plan assets while better serving their investor clients with an intuitive Web-based solution.

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Overview of FundPoint

Short video provides overview of FundPoint and how it can avert many data quality problems through rigorous sorting and quality control measures.

FundPOINT® Desktop

FundPOINT®, part of Forefield's product suite, helps advisors select and keep up to date with mutual funds as well as prospectus disclosure and FINRA requirements.

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